An Awesome Intro That's Awesome Just Because I'm Awesome! (Fem!Prussia's intro)

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An Awesome Intro That's Awesome Just Because I'm Awesome! (Fem!Prussia's intro)

Post  Maria G. Beilschmidt on Wed May 09, 2012 2:53 am

((Hey guys, so this is what I'm like when I'm not typing in annoying green.


I'm Julie, a Japanese-American(the result of Ameripan XD) girl who lives on the west coast of Alfred. I've been told that I'm like Alfred in Kiku's body (I look a 100% Asian, but acts like an egotistical American XD) My birthday' on January 3rd, and I guess I belong more with the older fans (I'm 17, mind you) than the hyper 13-year-olds, though I can fangirl as hard as they can. I just decide to keep it more...inside. I'm an open asexual and (obviously) doesn't have a girlfriend or a boyfriend, but I don't feel alone about being single at all~

But anyway, this is actually the first time I'm, in any fandom. Well, maybe a few Trollmegle RPs, some Omegle, some Zingled, but not going as far as actually having an account just for roleplaying (Because by the time I come to an interesting RP, all the roles are filled in...*sadness*) So, I decided to play someone like me in this forum: Egotistical, a bit bitchy, and well...awesome if I do say so myself -w-b So, that's how I got to want to RP Fem!Prussia!

My hobbies include music (both playing and listening), reading (mostly fanfiction, but I read legit books as well) watching anime, and occasionally translating Japanese stuff into English (Yes, I'm fluent in both. Go not bothering with looking for subs! Very Happy) as well as trolling the internet to find all kinds of songs I know sung in different languages (They sound REALLY weird IMO, but it's still awesome to listen to!)

Lessee...some favorite books? I guess the Harry Potter series, as well as The Song of the Lioness series, the Skulduggery Pleasant series (Yes, a little kids series but I still find it hilarious! XD)....and that's it for now! I'm tired!

Oh, and how I'll portray Fem!Prussia (Because it's not canon!) I can kinda see her as exactly the same as Male!Prussia, except with a bitchier side. Oh, and don't ask about how her bust is as flat as a board, she'll take you to an certain room and you'll never be heard of again. And I guess she notices her chick more than her counterpart does? She (bird) is also the exact clone of Gilbird, except with a black bow on the side of her head. Also, I can see her as a middle sister in the Beilshmidt family, like older than Ludwig but younger than Gilbert and has a HUGE brother and sister complex towards her younger siblings, Ludwig and Monika (Fem!Germany, once we get someone to be her.)

.....Wow, that was longer than I expected. Let's let Maria talk instead of me, shall we?))

A Prussian albino woman struts walks towards you. "Hey there, you! I'm Maria Beilschmidt, who're you?" Maria grinned, an all too familiar grin she learned from her older brother on her face.

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